The starboard message format is a custom DSL built on top of Lua 5.1

A full example can be seen here.


Keys starting with ? are optional and may not be present

Variable Description
message The message that was sent
color An emote count dependent suggested color (yellow shades)
count The reaction count for the message
emoji or emote The emoji that was configured for this board

Message Object

Key Description
content The message content
id The message id
created The message creation time, in the ISO-8601 format
author Author object
channel Channel object
attachments List of attachment objects
embeds List of embed objects

Author Object

Key Description
username The user's name
discriminator The user's discriminator
tag The user's tag (Name#discriminator)
avatar The user's avatar
id The user's ID

Channel Object

Key Description
name This channel's name
?topic This channel's topic
nsfw Whether or not this channel is NSFW
id This channel's ID


Lists are regular lua tables with 1 based indexes, but with three extra keys: first, last and length

Key Description
?first The first element in this list
?last The last element in this list
length The number of elements in this list
a number ?n The n-th element in this list (1 based)

Attachment Objects

Key Description
fileName The name of the uploaded attachment
isImage Whether or not this attachment is an image
url This attachment's CDN URL
id This attachment's ID

Embed Objects

Key Description
?author Embed author object
?color The embed's color, as an RGB number
?description This embed's description
fields Table of embed field objects
?footer Embed footer object
?image This embed's image's URL
?thumbnail This embed's thumbnail's URL
?video This embed's video's URL
?provider Embed provider object
?timestamp This embed's timestamp, in the ISO-8601 format
?title Embed title object
type This embed's type (one of image, video, link, rich or unknown)

Embed Author

Key Description
?name Author's name
?url Author's URL
?icon Author's icon URL

Embed Title

Key Description
text Title's text
?url Title's URL

Embed Field

Key Description
name Field's name
value Field's value
inline Whether or not this field is inline

Key Description
text Footer's text
?icon Footer's icon URL

Embed Provider

Key Description
name Provider's name
?url Provider's URL

Example Format

This example is the default message format